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It’s an age-old challenge that spans generations – turning the lights off so the kids can get to sleep! Whether six months, six years or sixteen, it seems that if the lights are on the eyes are open.

You’ve tried sitting in a dark room with your young child until he or she falls asleep; or insisting older kids turn off the light in the standard 20 minutes. The first option usually puts YOU to sleep and the second is generally ignored. What to do?

The countdown timer function on the Decora Digital Dimmer and Decora Digital Switch offers an easy solution. Use the Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App on your smartphone or tablet and go to the “Sleep Timer” function.  Then just set the amount of time you want the light to remain ON until it automatically shuts off.  For example, if you put your baby down at 8:00 you may want the lights to remain on until 8:15 so simply set the time for 15 minutes.  There is no need for you to return to the room.  As for the older kids, the light turning off is a pretty clear message that fun time is over!

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