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You’ve had a long day out with the kids. It’s now dark and you’re making the turn up your street.  Soon your house will appear…or will it?

Don’t come home to a dark house. It’s not safe and it’s not smart.  Security experts will tell you that.

The old saying “I’ll leave a light on” has never been more relevant. But you certainly don’t want to leave the lights on all day while you are out.  It’s a waste of energy and let’s face it, the porch lights shining at 2:00 in the afternoon may raise some eyebrows.

The solution is easy. Set your lights to switch on and off at specified times.  No, not with those old-fashioned plug-in timers, with your smartphone or tablet! Simply install Decora Digital Switches or Dimmers and “program” your lights with a quick swipe of the on-screen options.

  • Schedule your porch lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn – the built-in astronomical clock automatically adjusts to local sunrise/sunset times, as well as Daylight Savings Time. Easy made easier!
  • Schedule your living room light and a bedroom light to turn on and off at random times during the day and early evening before you arrive home. Work nights? Just reverse the plan. Beats the old trick of leaving the TV blasting all day and night.
  • When on vacation, schedule lights throughout your home to turn on and off at scheduled and random times. This gives new meaning to the “lived-in” look.

With so many options, the sky is the limit and you can truly customize your lighting to reflect your lifestyle. Enhancing the safety of your home is just an installation and a tap away.

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