Leviton Home Solutions

With Amazon Alexa and the My Leviton smart home skill, you can control your Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices with your voice. To get started, your Alexa device (e.g. Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, etc.) will need to be installed and configured before proceeding. You will also need your Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices installed and ready to go.

If you are already familiar with Alexa Smart Home, you can enable the My Leviton skill by visiting the following link: My Leviton Skill


  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device and select “Smart Home.”


  1. Select Get More Smart Home Skills


  1. Search for “My Leviton” and select it in the search results.


  1. Select “Enable” in the skill page.


  1. Enter your My Leviton email address and password and select “Link Your Account”.


  1. When your My Leviton account has been successfully linked, press the “X” in the top-right corner of the screen to return to the Smart Home page.


  1. Select “Discover Devices” so Alexa can find your Decora Smart devices enrolled to your My Leviton account.


  1. After the discovery is complete, you will see all of your Decora Smart devices and activities from My Leviton listed under “Your Devices”. You can now start interacting with Alexa and My Leviton. Please see the section below for commands you can give to Alexa.


Note: If devices or activities are added (or renamed) to My Leviton in the future, select “Discover devices” in the Smart Home section of the Alexa app or say “Alexa, discover my devices.” Alexa will find the newly added or renamed devices and let you start interacting with them.

Compatible Decora Smart™ Wi-Fi Devices:

Alexa Commands:

You can issue the following commands to Alexa to control your Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices.


  • “Alexa, turn on [Switch Name].”
  • “Alexa, turn off [Switch Name].”


  • “Alexa, turn on [Dimmer Name].”
  • “Alexa, turn off [Dimmer Name].”
  • “Alexa, set [Dimmer Name] to percent.”
  • “Alexa, brighten [Dimmer Name].”
  • “Alexa, dim [Dimmer Name].”


  • “Alexa, turn on [Activity Name].”
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