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Antimicrobial Treated Switch

Part Number A5621-2W (White) A5621-2I (Ivory) A5621-2GY (Gray) A5621-2R (Red)

Switches and wallplates are two of the most frequently touched surfaces daily. Home to over 200 bacteria per square inch, maintaining cleanliness on these surfaces can be a challenge. Leviton is bringing cleanliness to light with our line of Antimicrobial treated wiring devices. This revolutionary solution works together with regular cleaning procedures to help keep switches and wallplates cleaner for you and your family. Made with antimicrobial additives embedded into their material, these devices help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria on the device.

Antimicrobial treated, powder coated wallplates from Leviton combine top-of-the line quality stainless steel with a durable coating that contains an EPA registered antimicrobial additive. This additive helps reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, which adds an extra layer of protection between cleaning cycles.

The material used to construct Leviton’s antimicrobial treated devices has been independently lab tested to the international standard JIS Z 2801:2000 and has shown to be 99.9% effective in reducing the growth of harmful bacteria on the devices surface over a 24 hour period, even after being cleaned with standard cleaning products such as ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and bleach. The material also resists the development of mold, fungi, and odor-causing bacteria.

Tests for endurance by independent labs demonstrate that the antimicrobial material on the devices remains intact when subjected to 15,000 cleaning cycles, or approximately 10 years of cleaning. As long as the antimicrobial material remains part of the device, it remains effective against reducing bacterial growth on its surface.

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