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BitWise Audio/Video Controls – BWBC1

Part Number BWBC1

Control AV equipment from your tablet via a customizable interface, providing a perfect solution for home theaters, boardrooms, restaurants, and more. The BitWise BC1 is a powerful AV automation controller suitable for all residential and commercial applications. Capable of controlling anything from audio/video to lighting control, climate, and security. The BC1 features 8 routable, attenuable IR ports, 4 RS-232, 4 general purpose input/otput relays, and 4 digital or analog signal sensors.

  • Compatible with: Omni or stand-alone.
  • Built-in astronomical clock provides event scheduling based on time of day, sunrise, an sunset.
  • Customizable email notifications.
  • Supports two-way interaction with serial and networked devices.
  • On-board relays and signal sensing ports allow interaction with mechanical devices.
  • Includes rack ears and can be installed from front or rear.
  • Includes domestic market power supply.
  • Enhanced 2 year limited warranty.
  • Native integration with Omni security & automation controllers, including OmniTouch 7 graphics package
  • Free integration modules for Hi-Fi distributed audio and Omni-Bus lighting control
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