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Decora® 1000W Digital Dimmer w/ Bluetooth® Technology

Part Number DDMX1 (White)

  • Stand-alone product – no hub needed
  • Controls dimming of lighting within a room from a smartphone or tablet within a 30-foot* range
  • Full range dimming with soft fade on and fade off
  • Preset light level option automatically turns lights on to the set level each use
  • Users can set maximum light level for energy savings
  • Ability to time lighting (on/off/dim) for everyday activities or to create a lived-in look while away
  • Astronomical clock, automatically set through connection with smart device, adjusts to local sunrise and sunset times
  • Countdown sleep timer can be set for up to 12 hours
  • Compatible with dimmable LED, dimmable CFL, incandescent, halogen or Mark 10® Powerline loads
  • Neutral wire required for installation (DDL06 model does not require a neutral wire)

*30-foot Bluetooth range: Range may vary depending on specific conditions of installation, configuration of walls, obstacles and other factors.


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