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Evr-Green® Mini

Part Number EVBL2-P12 (12-Foot Cord) EVBL2-P18 (18-Foot Cord)

The Evr-Green® Mini is the smallest wall-mounted Level 2 EV charging station on the market. Designed specifically to be used for those who are avoiding Level 2 adoption due to the upfront installation costs. Leviton always strongly recommends using a licensed electrician to install Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment along with any associated electrical enhancements to your home or building. The Evr-Green® Mini delivers nearly 5 kilowatts of charge and the enclosure has been tested to NEMA Type 6 standards, in other words, the enclosure can be temporarily submerged. Additionally, the Mini has built in over temperature protection and ground monitoring circuitry – an important safety feature. Also, we provide 12’ and 18 electric vehicle cable options to provide flexibility in the mounting location. The Mini works with 30 amp circuits commonly found in residential garages. This reduces the cost of installation and permitting, and makes the new charging station the perfect solution for EV owners on the move.


The Evr-Green Mini has gone through rigorous automaker compatibility tests and works with production electric vehicles available in North America. Also, the EV charger is certified for use in USA, Canada and Mexico and is compatible with all Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Standards and Recommended Practices, including SAE J1772, NEC 625, UL 2231 and UL 2594. Additionally the Mini continuously monitors/supervises the ground connection between the AC Supply and EV to ensure safe and reliable charging.

At a Glance:
• Lower cost to install – can use existing 240 volt infrastructure
• Provides a maximum of 20 electric vehicle miles per hour
• Up to 5 times faster charging compared to Level 1 charging
• Meets all National Electric Codes for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
• Automatic de-energization of the cable in case of rupture or separation of the cable
• Meets NEC Article 625.44 compliance of being fastened in place through the use of a bracket

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