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Evr-Green® e30 EV Charging Station

Part Number EVR30-B18 (White)

The Evr-Green® e30 Electric Vehicle Charging Station enables fast charging of any SAE 1772™ compatible electric vehicle. This new EV charger delivers up to 7.2kW of power and offers a more compact, affordable, easy to use and easy to install solution to electric vehicle charging.

Key Features:

  • “Auto-Reclosure” feature enables charging to restart following a minor fault, thereby reducing the chance of having an undercharged battery
  • Ground monitor interrupter circuit for safety
  • Integrated On/Off switch to minimize standby power
  • Additional safety features include over current, over voltage, under voltage and short circuit protection
  • Compact size, and unique wiring compartment design provides a hassle-free installation
  • Water-Resistant enclosure is rated NEMA Type 3R for indoor and outdoor use
  • Thermoplastic vandal-proof enclosure withstands the harshest environments
  • Compatible with Leviton Evr-Green EVSE Pedestal System
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