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Hi-Fi 2 Volume Source Control

Part Number 95A03-1 (White)

 Use this Decora device to control the volume and audio source in the room when paired with a Hi-Fi 2 distributed audio system. Place the wall mounted OLED Volume-Source Control (VSC) in any room that has speakers that you wish to control. Every VSC can play music from the same source, which allows you to listen to the big game on every speaker in the house or put different music in each area. The intuitive interface features four buttons to adjust volume (up/down), power, and source. A black OLED display with white Unicode text shows the source name, a volume bar chart, bass, treble, balance, and other settings. Routed IR repeater function allows use of source equipment remote controls. The VSC is easy to install and connects with a single Cat5 for both power and communication. A maximum of 16 VSC’s may be installed in a Hi-Fi installation.

  • For use with Hi-Fi 2 by Leviton
  • Can play music connected locally or to a remote input module, even if module is not in the same room
  • Infra-red repeaters allow you to point source’s remote at the volume-source control and it will signal back to the original source
  • Single Cat 5 connection to amplifier
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