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Part Number AEH50-WH (White) AEH50-BL (Black)

The Leviton AEH50 surround sound home cinema speaker system combines Leviton’s legendary design with the top-tier audio engineering that makes JBL products the speakers of choice for professionals and discerning audiophiles alike. The five satellite speakers can be mounted on ceilings or walls to optimize your living space, while the 100-watt powered subwoofer effortlessly reproduces even the richest bass sounds of music and movies.

The Sound of Science

Leviton’s AEH50 home cinema speaker system features industry leader JBL’s audio engineering. The two-way satellite speakers are based on JBL’s celebrated lines of studio monitors, designed to distribute crystal clear sound reproduction equally throughout the listening area. The system is a five-channel surround sound package that is compatible with the entire range of surround sound (including 5.1), speaker, and equalizer modes used today. The AEH50 uses standard audio wiring topology: the satellites connect directly to the receiver’s speaker terminals while the subwoofer connects to the “SUB OUT” or “LFE OUT” jacks. Should additional performance be desired, the AEH50 can be supplemented with the AESS5 expansion speakers to create a six- or seven-channel system.

Flexible Installation, Peerless Performance

The versatile AEH50 home cinema speaker system is ideal for situations in which a standard in-wall or in-ceiling installation is unfeasible but full performance is still desired. Two design factors facilitate this flexibility: the ability to mount the speakers on any wall or ceiling, and robust video magnetic shielding. The fact that the satellite speakers can be mounted anywhere means that homeowners can account for asymmetrical rooms to design a custom sonic solution in areas that otherwise prohibit in-wall systems. This situation is commonly found in homes in which the fireplace is centrally located in the living room but the entertainment center is located in a corner. While this setup would render the sound distribution of an in-wall system suboptimal, the AEH50’s installation flexibility enables homeowners to set up a balanced listening area surrounding the television and seating regardless of the room setup.

The AEH50’s video magnetic shielding and low-profile design make it ideal for accommodating applications in which the amount of space is limited. Many speaker systems cannot be placed near a television because of the risk of damage from magnetic interference, but the AEH50’s shielding means that speakers can be placed directly next to a television without any damage to the television. The key to sound design in a compact area is to utilize space efficiently—the flexibility and unobtrusive design of the AEH50 enable homeowners to do just that.

What’s in the Box

Five two-way magnetically-shielded satellite speakers with 2.5-inch woofer and .5-inch tweeter; one 8-inch, 100-watt powered subwoofer with LFE input; five architectural-grade adjustable mounting brackets; and one subwoofer input RCA cable.

AEH50 Home Cinema Speaker System At a Glance:

  • Based on JBL’s distinguished line of studio monitors
  • Can be mounted on-wall or on-ceiling for installation flexibility
  • Video magnetic shielding makes it safe to place speakers adjacent to television
  • Compatible with all current surround, speaker, and equalizer modes
  • Five channel system plus 100-watt subwoofer
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