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Phone Connector

Part Number 41106-RW6 (White) 41106-RI6 (Ivory) 41106-RE6 (Black) 41106-RG6 (Gray) 41106-RL6 (Blue) 41106-RO6 (Orange) 41106-RC6 (Crimson) 41106-RB6 (Brown) 41106-RY6 (Yellow) 41106-RR6 (Red) 41106-RT6 (Light Almond) 41106-RV6 (Green) 41106-RP6 (Purple)

Use this voice grade connector in any QuickPort housing to support your basic telephone applications.

  • Exclusive cutting ledge combines termination and trim into one labor-saving step
  • Use in any QuickPort housing to support voice grade UTP applications in surface-mount, flush-mount, or modular furniture environments
  • Can be used in conjunction with other QuickPort snap-in modules for voice/data applications over UTP, coax and fiber
  • For port identification, use different colored connectors for each application or Pre-Printed Port Designation Labels
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