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DeepGarnet OnyxBlack PebbleGray WarmCaramel WhiteonWhite DapperTan WoodSmoke CafeLatte CornSilk RedDelicious WalnutBark GrannySmithApple NavajoSand RichNavy ToastedCoconut WhisperingWheat FreshPinkLemonade GoldCoastWhite PrairieSage SeaSpray

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Renu® Outlet

Part Number RER15-DG (Deep Garnet) RER15-OB (Onyx Black) RER15-PG (Pebble Gray) RER15-WC (Warm Caramel) RER15-WW (White on White) RER15-DT (Dapper Tan) RER15-WS (Wood Smoke) RER15-CA (Cafe Latte) RER15-CS (Corn Silk) RER15-RE (Red Delicious) RER15-WB (Walnut Bark) RER15-GS (Granny Smith Apple) RER15-NS (Navajo Sand) RER15-RN (Rich Navy) RER15-TC (Toasted Coconut) RER15-WG (Whispering Wheat) RER15-FP (Fresh Pink Lemonade) RER15-GC (Gold Coast White) RER15-PS (Prairie Sage) RER15-SE (Sea Spray)

  • Replaces standard outlet
  • Meets National Electrical Code® (NEC®) requirements for child safety
  • Shallow design is easy to install in any wallbox
  • Tongue and groove feature for multi-gang installation
  • Use only with Renu® wallplate sold separately
  • Available in 20 eye-catching colors to complement or contrast with your décor
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