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Self-Test GFCI Tamper-Resistant Receptacle

Part Number GFTR1 (Brown) GFTR1-E (Black) GFTR1-W (White) GFTR1-GY (Gray) GFTR1-I (Ivory) GFTR1-T (Light Almond)

  • Helps protect against electrical shocks due to ground faults
  • Self Test helps ensure GFCI is providing protection
  • Required by National Electric Code® (NEC®) in wet or damp locations
  • Cannot be reset if miswired (Line/Load reversal only) or if GFCI protection is compromised
  • Tamper Resistant to meet NEC requirements for child safety
  • Slim design saves up to 25% or more space in wallbox
  • Installs in place of standard outlet
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