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Surge Protective Panel

Part Number 51120-1 (Grey)

Product Description

Leviton Surge Protective Panels are mounted to the load side of an electric service panel and protect against residual lightning energy and other internally generated surges, such as those caused by off/on switching of pumps, motors, HVAC units, etc. The Surge Panel can be installed easily and will help to protect your electrical devices in your home.

Leviton’s 51120-1 (120/240-volt AC) surge protection panel diverts surges away from electronic equipment. The protection panel is designed for single-phase applications in homes and apartment buildings at the service entrance or other branch panel locations.

How to Implement an Effective Surge Protection Network

In order to achieve optimum protection for your equipment, it is essential to utilize a distributed approach to surge suppression. That is, you’ll need to install surge protective devices (SPDs) that knock down high-energy transients at the entrance and/or sub-panel so that they’re manageable for the smaller SPDs that protect PCs and other equipment at point-of-use. Leviton offers a comprehensive selection of devices that will allow you to implement the most effective surge protection network possible.

True Whole House Surge Protection Warranty

Leviton stands behind its surge protection products, providing a warranty of $25,000 on equipment connected to the panel protector. Should there be a failure in the surge protection equipment during a power surge at a residential application, Leviton will cover up to $25,000 of replacements or repairs (whichever is less) of properly connected residential equipment. This covers electrical transients on AC power or communication lines, including those caused by indirect lightning. The surge protection warranty is included with purchase of the surge panel.

Simple Installation and Wide Compatibility

For easy flush mounting in frame construction environments, each surge protective device comes in a J-Box metal NEMA 1 enclosure with pre-punched standard size knockouts. The enclosure also conveniently enables connections to existing branch panels. The 51120-1 surge protective device is fully compatible with Leviton Decora home controls—making it easier than ever to protect all your home controls. Backed by one hundred years of Leviton quality, each surge panel offers a limited lifetime product warranty.

What’s in the Box

One Leviton 51120-1 (120/240-volt AC) surge protection panel.

Leviton 51120-1 Surge Protection Panel At a Glance:

  • Real-time diagnostic visual indicator shows power and suppression status for protected phase
  • Provides protection against surge and ensures safety of sensitive electronics
  • Limited lifetime product warranty
  • Connected equipment coverage of up to $25,000 in residential applications
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