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Surge Protective Power Strips

Part Number S1000-PS (White)

Product description:

The Leviton S1000 Series Surge Protective Power Strips provide superior protection for everyday use in home offices, protecting computers, peripherals, TV’s, home theater systems and other electronic devices from damaging surges, voltage transients and noise spikes.

These surge protective strips feature a convenient right angle plug that keeps the cord close to the wall making it easier to install behind furniture and other equipment. The high quality construction and superior electronic circuitry ensures long service life of both the surge protective strip and protected equipment.

How to Implement an Effective Surge Protection Network

In order to achieve optimum protection for your equipment, it is essential to utilize a distributed approach to surge suppression. That is, you’ll need to install surge protective devices (SPDs) that knock down high-energy transients at the entrance and/or sub-panel so that they’re manageable for the smaller SPDs that protect PCs and other equipment at point-of-use. Leviton offers a comprehensive selection of devices that will allow you to implement the most effective surge protection network possible.

Dependable Product Features

The S1000 Series features 6 surge protected NEMA 5-15R and diagnostic LEDs for surge protection, polarity and ground. These strips have a resettable circuit breaker and internal fusing circuit protection and an alarm indicates loss of surge protection. The S1000 series surge protective strips feature multi-line protection (L-N, L-G, N-G) and an optional Coax and Telco surge protection. All units feature right angle NEMA 5-15P Plug.

  • Ground pin to outside for more transformer configurations
  • Diagnostic LEDs for surge protection, polarity and ground verification
  • Audible alarm indicates loss of protection
  • Provides excellent surge suppression and EMI/RFI noise attenuation for microprocessor-driven electronic equipment
  • Indicator lights confirm unit is operating and properly grounded

The Leviton S1000 Series Surge Protective Power Strip can also be used in other locations within your home:

  • Basement
  • Living Room
  • Media Room
  • General Home
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