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Vizia RF + Split Duplex Tamper Resistant Scene Capable Receptacle

Part Number VRR15-1LZ (White)

The Vizia RF + family of products captures the essence of “smart” lighting control with its embedded Z-Wave radio frequency technology and stylish form factor that is compatible with Leviton’s hallmark Decora design. Robust features like Zone Control, Scene Control and Timed Events give you one-touch control of your home’s lighting and any Z-Wave enabled device. Zone Control is your key to controlling multiple light sources in many rooms or areas of your home with one push of a button on a zone controller. Scene Control lets you vary the light levels in a room for any activity or change the ambiance with one touch on a scene controller. Using Timed Events, you can schedule lights to turn on and off or activate any network device at preset times to enhance security or enjoy a more convenient lifestyle. The Vizia RF + line includes dimmers, switches, remotes and fan speed controls that all work together to create a wireless mesh network of automated lighting control in one room or your entire home. Vizia RF + Split Duplex Tamper Resistant Receptacle fits into a standard wall box and replaces a regular receptacle. The outlet labeled “controlled” provides local and remote ON/OFF switching of table lamps, floor lamps, holiday lighting and fans. It responds to commands sent from Leviton Vizia RF + Controllers (sold separately). Controlled devices can react through scene commands individually or as part of a scene or zone grouping of lights to provide an elegant and convenient “one-touch” lighting experience. The other outlet is a standard tamper-resistant receptacle that provides constant power. Both outlets are tamper-resistant to meet the 2008 National Electrical Code child safety requirement for new residential construction. They contain an internal shutter mechanism that blocks access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted, helping ensure children safety.

  • Wireless RF technology creates a mesh network for command and control interoperability
  • The Controlled side can be used for wireless ON/OFF control of plugged-in electrical loads up to 15 amps, such as lamps, appliances and electronics
  • Non-controlled side is a tamper-resistant receptacle that provides constant power
  • Shutter mechanism inside the TR receptacle blocks access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted, helping ensure hairpins, keys, etc.. will be locked out
  • Requires the Vizia RF + Handheld Remote – VRCPG for programming and control of the Vizia RF + System (sold separately)
  • Compatible with: Omni, BitWise and third party security systems (Honeywell/2Gig)
  • Compatible DIY Hubs:
    SmartThings Wink


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