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Wireless Driveway Sensor

Part Number 63A00-1 (Black)

Leviton’s Wireless Driveway Sensor adds the ability to not only detect vehicles, but to work in conjunction with your home or business automation system to activate lighting or initiate other functions when a vehicle is detected. Be alerted at the arrival of a guest as the Wireless Driveway Sensor uses electromagnetic field sensors to detect a passing vehicle. This action can signal surveillance responses or have automation controller send an alert to a Touchscreen or phone– cellular or landline. Installation is simple thanks to the nature of its wireless technology – no underground cables are necessary! Install in the ground near a driveway or other motorized vehicle path using the provided stake, or opt to use the wall-mount bracket to attach to an existing structure such as a fence or gate entrance. Add multiple Wireless Driveway Sensors to the system and use their tandem sensing ability to know what direction a vehicle is traveling. As each sensor is passed, a different response or alert can be triggered.

  • Compatible with: Omni
  • Uses earth’s magnetic field to detect moving metal objects with a magnetic sensing range of 12 feet.
  • Two unique mounting options including stake or post/ wall mount. No digging or underground cable required
  • Operates in temperatures between -20 to 120 degrees F
  • Requires the use of a Leviton 64 Zone Wireless Receiver (Part Number 45A00-1)
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