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Wireless Glass Break Detector

Part Number 61A00-1 (White)

Omni Wireless Security Sensors not only protect you from intrusion and other hazards, they act as the eyes and ears of your automated home or business. For instance, utilize the sensors to know whether or not a window is open upstairs and have the automation system turn off the HVAC in that area. Utilize a wireless driveway sensor to notify you when a guest has arrived or illuminate exterior lighting.

  • Compatible with: Omni
  • An omni-directional acoustic sensor and wireless transmitter
  • Used for detecting the sound of breaking glass, providing 360ยบ of coverage
  • Uses a CR23A lithium ion battery, included
  • Requires the use of a Leviton 64 Zone Wireless Receiver (Part Number 45A00-1)
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