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Heavy-Duty Wireless Control Module

Part Number 73A00-4ZB

 Wireless controls for water heaters, pool pumps, outdoor fountains, lighting, and more. Using Lumina RF wireless mesh technology, the load control module acts as an interrupter to turn devices on or off based upon schedules or manual control via apps and Touchscreens. It can also be controlled locally by placing a magnet near the magnetic sensor momentarily to toggle the state (On/Off) of the controlled device. Can be connected to either a Lumina Gateway, part number 74A00-1, or an Omni automation system. Ultra low stand-by power. Universal 96-250 VAC and 50/60 Hz. Can be used outdoors.

  • Compatible with: Omni, Lumina Gateway
  • Perfect for wirelessly controlling water heaters, pool pumps, outdoor fountains, lighting and more
  • LED for fault status
  • Utilizes ZigBee Pro Home Automation wireless profile
  • Ultra-low standby power. Can be used outdoors
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