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Outlets are used as a source of power for electrical loads that are plugged into them. There are different models to address different needs. There are outlets to help provide a safer living environment, help protect against electrical shock and fire, power up today’s mobile devices, illuminate in the dark, withstand the elements outdoors and protect sensitive equipment from power surges.

Self-Test GFCI Guide Light

GFCI Outlets help protect people from electrical shock due to ground faults and are required in bathrooms. The SmartlockPro® Self-Test GFCI with LED Guide Light performs a periodic self-test to confirm protected power is available and has dual LED guide lights for added safety when the room is dark.

Decora® Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Tamper-Resistant (TR) Outlets help protect children from electrical hazards that can occur if they attempt to insert a foreign object into an outlet and are an important upgrade when replacing standard outlets. Decora® outlets have a contemporary appearance and are quick to install.


Switches turn lights, fans, and other motor loads on and off. Switches come in several forms including toggle style and rockers styles.

Decora® Rocker Switch

Legendary for their streamlined elegance and smooth operation, Decora Rocker Switches have a look and feel to enhance any décor at a very modest cost. Designed from quality materials, they ensure years of trouble-free service.

Renu® Switch

The Renu® switch is part of Leviton’s colorful collection of devices featuring faceplates that easily snap on and off for instant color changes without the need to rewire. Renu® switches come in 20 popular designer colors with a matt finish, making them the easy way to add personal style to any room.

Antimicrobial Treated Switch

Your switches and wallplates are two of the most frequently touched surfaces daily, don’t leave their cleanliness up to chance. Consider installing Antimicrobial treated devices from Leviton anywhere in your home! From the kitchen, to bathrooms and most importantly your children’s bedroom and playroom, you can trust that your family is well taken care of.


Dimmers help to create the perfect ambiance within a room and are available in a wide variety of designs. Dimmers help conserve energy and to reduce overall energy costs by controlling the latest in advanced bulb technology.

SureSlide® Universal Dimmer

Decora® SureSlide® universal dimmers provide smooth, slide-action, full-range dimming for incandescent and dimmable LED and CFL bulbs. Featuring slide-to-off functionality, this dimmer is designed for users who choose to adjust lighting levels each time the device is used.

Decora® 1000W Digital Dimmer w/ Bluetooth® Technology

The Decora® Digital Dimmer with Bluetooth® Technology takes traditional lighting control to the next level by combining a dimmer and a timer into one smart device and allowing you to wirelessly control lighting within a 30-foot* range without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection.

IllumaTech® Universal Dimmer

IllumaTech® universal dimmers feature a low-profile fluid slide bar movement for fine adjustment of light levels that’s accompanied by an easy-to-use ON/OFF preset switch. The device is equipped with a dedicated switch to control a wide range of dimmable LED, CFL, and Incandescent bulbs.

Vizia RF + Universal LED Dimmer

Smart Z-Wave wireless lighting control supports dimmable LED and CFL technologies, and includes support for legacy incandescent, halogen, Mark 10, and magnetic lighting. Set scenes and zones for dining, prep, or entertaining. Push one button at the end of the evening to turn off every light in the house.


Leviton offers a wide selection of sensors, including humidity sensors, as well as occupancy and vacancy sensors, commonly referred to as "motion sensors. These state-of-the-art devices use passive infrared, ultrasonic or a combined multi-sensing technology to enhance convenience, security and provide smart energy saving solutions.

Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Environmental safety can be a concern in bathrooms and basements. Our Humidity Sensor and Fan Control continuously monitors the air in the room and automatically turns on the ventilation fan when it detects a rise in humidity. This helps lessen the occurrence of mold/mildew for a more comfortable environment.

Vacancy Sensor

Vacancy Sensors require the user to manually turn the lights ON when entering a room; the lights will automatically turn OFF when the space is vacated, helping to save energy. The device controls Incandescent, LED, CFL and Halogen bulbs as well as motor loads.


Timers automate the switching of lights and other loads to ensure that devices are turned off. Whether it’s to keep something from staying on too long, like a bathroom exhaust fan, or to fully automate a load for a specific period of time, electronic timer switches are convenient and save electricity.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers provide convenient timed control of lighting and motor loads with superior accuracy. They are ideal for automating exhaust fans in bathrooms, allowing users to choose the amount of time they want the fan to stay on. Preset buttons for 5-10-15-30 minute intervals.

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