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Outlets are used as a source of power for electrical loads that are plugged into them. There are different models to address different needs. There are outlets to help provide a safer living environment, help protect against electrical shock and fire, power up today’s mobile devices, illuminate in the dark, withstand the elements outdoors and protect sensitive equipment from power surges.

Decora® Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Tamper-Resistant (TR) Outlets help protect children from electrical hazards that can occur if they attempt to insert a foreign object into an outlet and are an important upgrade when replacing standard outlets. Decora® outlets have a contemporary appearance and are quick to install.

Self-Test GFCI with Audible Alert

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets help protect people from shocks and electrocution. The Self-Test provides an additional layer of safety by regularly performing an internal test to confirm it is able to respond to a ground fault. If it detects a problem, it will sound an audible alert.

Commercial Grade, Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Heavy duty Tamper-Resistant Outlets featuring a mechanical shutter mechanism that prevents access to contacts unless a two-pronged plug is inserted, helping ensure that foreign objects will be locked out. Body and face plate are made of high impact thermoplastic for durability.

Vizia RF + Split Duplex Tamper Resistant Scene Capable Receptacle

Vizia RF + Split Duplex Tamper Resistant Receptacle fits into a standard wall box and replaces a regular receptacle. The outlet labeled “controlled” provides local and remote ON/OFF switching of table lamps, floor lamps, holiday lighting and fans. It responds to commands sent from Leviton Vizia RF + Controllers (sold separately).


Leviton offers a wide selection of sensors, including humidity sensors, as well as occupancy and vacancy sensors, commonly referred to as "motion sensors. These state-of-the-art devices use passive infrared, ultrasonic or a combined multi-sensing technology to enhance convenience, security and provide smart energy saving solutions.

Occupancy Sensor

Lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living by replacing standard switches with occupancy sensors. Leviton Occupancy Sensors automatically turn the lights ON when entering a room and OFF when exiting, convenient for rooms where residents frequently enter and exit with hands full.

CFL Lampholder w/ Occupancy Sensor

The Compact Fluorescent Ceiling Lampholder with occupancy sensor ensures that the light is only on when the space is occupied. Ideal for closets, it turns on automatically allowing for hands-free convenience and automatically shuts the light off after 3 minutes of inactivity saving energy and money.

LED Ceiling Motion Sensor Lampholder

Our LED Ceiling Motion Sensor Lampholder is the energy-efficient way to ensure that lights are on only when the space is occupied. It automatically switches lights on when motion is detected and off after 3 minutes of inactivity allowing for hands-free convenience. It’s a smart solution for saving energy and money.


Leviton Evr-Green® EV Car Chargers are the smart choice when it comes to reliable EV charging. Our car chargers are compliant with all industry standards and compatible with all major auto manufacturers’ electric vehicles. Install an Evr-Green® EV Car Charger outdoors to provide easy charging that you don’t even need to think about.

Evr-Green® e30 EV Charging Station

The Evr-Green® e30 Electric Vehicle Charging Station enables fast charging of any SAE 1772™ compatible electric vehicle. This new EV charger delivers up to 7.2kW of power and offers a more compact, affordable, easy to use and easy to install solution to electric vehicle charging.

Evr-Green® Mini

The Evr-Green® Mini is the smallest wall-mounted Level 2 EV charging station on the market. Designed specifically to be used by do-it-yourselfers and those who are avoiding Level 2 adoption due to the upfront installation costs. The Evr-Green® Mini delivers nearly 5 kilowatts of charge.

Surge Protection

Surge protective products help protect your sensitive electronic equipment against both external and internal generated power surges.

Surge Protective Panel

Surge protective products help protect your sensitive electronic equipment against both external and internal generated power surges. Surge protective panels installed in your basement is the second line of defense against power surges when using a tiered surge protection approach

Whole House Surge Protection

The 51110-SRG Residential Surge Protection Panel is designed for mounting at the service entrance in homes, apartments, and condominiums. It offers advanced surge protection for modern electronics and appliances, reducing the risk of damage from spikes and surges entering the property through AC power line.

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