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Leviton Spec-Grade Sound® speakers are an ideal balance between performance and value. Leviton Architectural Edition® Powered by JBL® systems bring the pro-sound experience to the home. And award-winning Leviton Architectural Edition components ensure that an installed entertainment system has no weak links.

Outdoor JBL Speakers

JBL® Outdoor/All-Weather speakers are both high performance and weather-resistant. They can withstand direct exposure to the elements in outdoor applications because they are fully weatherized They are also ideal for indoor pools, atriums, and other large open spaces where enclosure speakers are desired.


Outlets are used as a source of power for electrical loads that are plugged into them. There are different models to address different needs. There are outlets to help provide a safer living environment, help protect against electrical shock and fire, power up today’s mobile devices, illuminate in the dark, withstand the elements outdoors and protect sensitive equipment from power surges.

While In Use Cover

Protecting outdoor outlets from the elements is easy with Leviton Extra Duty While-in-Use Covers. They are designed to allow access to the outlets while providing an extra shield of protection from moisture, debris and insects when they are not in use.

Weather-Resistant GFCI

Weather-Resistant GFCI Outlets are designed for outdoor use and provide a local power source for lawn equipment, pool pumps, holiday lighting, music players, appliances and more. These devices can be combined with Weather-Resistant Covers to provide the ultimate protection.


Timers automate the switching of lights and other loads to ensure that devices are turned off. Whether it’s to keep something from staying on too long, like a bathroom exhaust fan, or to fully automate a load for a specific period of time, electronic timer switches are convenient and save electricity.

Decora® Digital Switch

Simply pair the switch with the Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App and use the on-screen menu options to control lights from a smartphone or tablet.

Programmable Timer

Timers provide quiet, accurate timing for control of lighting and motor loads inside and outside the home, and can reduce energy costs. Just set the timer and go – you’ll never leave those lights on again. The timer can also serve as an anti-theft device by giving a home a “lived-in” look while homeowners are away.

Surge Protection

Surge protective products help protect your sensitive electronic equipment against both external and internal generated power surges.

Secondary Surge Arrestors

Surge Protective Arrestors are mounted on the line side of the main service entrance (between the utility pole and where your electricity enters your service panel). These devices protect against external surges caused by lightning or utility capacitor bank switching.

Smart Home

Heavy-Duty Wireless Control Module

Every home has large electrical devices that use a lot of electricity. Load Control Modules can help save energy on high-draw devices such as pumps, fountains, generators, and more. You can activate these electrical devices when necessary, and control them remotely with a touch of a button.

Hi-Fi 2 Volume Source Control

Play your favorite streaming or stored music via built-in speakers in and around your home. Use free apps or wall mounted volume and source controls in rooms with speakers. Simply plug-in any audio source and share the audio with any connected room. Even use Bluetooth to share!

Intercom Door Station with Metal Backbox

The INDS1-00S Intercom Door Station works with Omni security & automation systems and allows streaming audio and video communications with other SIP compliant devices, such as Leviton OmniTouch 7 touchscreens, via third-party SIP servers.

Wireless Glass Break Detector

An omni-directional acoustic sensor and wireless transmitter. Used for detecting the sound of breaking glass, providing 360º of coverage.

Wireless Driveway Sensor

Detect vehicles as they enter your property. Works in conjunction with your home automation system to activate lighting or initiate other functions like sending a text message or email when a vehicle is detected.

Water Temperature Sensor

Designed specifically to monitor water temperature from the return/source and then report that information back to an Omni automation system.

Extended Range Indoor-Outdoor Temp Sensor

The Leviton Extended Range Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor allows you to monitor and activate programs based on temperatures.

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