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We want the bedroom to be a calm, peaceful space where we can deeply rest. But if the reality isn’t quite matching up to that wish, it could be time for a bedroom refresh. Stopping a step short of a full remodel (we’re not talking about moving walls or increasing square footage here), a refresh still has a lot to offer, whether your budget is $100 or $10,000. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point, and customize your own plan to fit your style and budget.

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If your budget is about $100: Clear the clutter and spring for a fresh pair of sheets. Simply getting rid of the random junk that accumulates in the bedroom can go a long way toward making the space feel new. After decluttering, give the space a deep cleaning, including washing the windows and vacuuming under the bed. Once your room is spic-and-span, treat yourself to a new set of sheets — percale for those who love a crisp feel, flannel for coziness or sateen for a super-smooth feel.

If your budget is about $300: If you have a little more to spend, use the extra cash to treat your bed to a complete makeover: not just sheets, but also a duvet cover, shams and maybe a bolster or Euro pillows too. New bedding can give your room a new look and feel in the few minutes it takes to make your bed.

If your budget is about $500: After new bedding, it’s time to upgrade your pillows. Plump new pillows will look better than flattened old ones, but more to the point, they will feel better. If you have some wiggle room in your budget, spring for a new mattress topper too.

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If your budget is about $700: Get new bedding, pillows and a mattress topper, and then upgrade to blackout curtains. If you have trouble sleeping and don’t already have blackout curtains or shades, this should be on your must-purchase list.

The extra-opaque lining means that your room will get really dark at night, blocking out those pesky streetlights and passing headlights.

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If your budget is about $1,000: Tackle all the above and then paint. Changing the wall color of your bedroom is a budget-friendly way to dramatically shift the look of your room — especially if you’re willing to DIY. To save time (and money), paint just an accent wall behind your headboard.

Have a little extra cash left after your visit to the paint store? Spring for a new piece of art — or pick up a new frame for a piece you already own.

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If your budget is about $1,500: After refreshing the bedding, pillows, curtains and paint, you can improve your lighting. If you love the look of sconces and are a renter (or simply want to avoid a costly electrician job), you can still get them — many sconce styles are available with plugs. You can simply let the cord hang, as shown here, or invest in cord covers (a good idea if you think kids or pets could be tempted by the cords). If you have an overhead fixture, swap it out and change to a dimmer switch so you can control the ambiance.

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If your budget is about $2,000: What’s next? Something soft underfoot! If you already have a rug you like but it’s on the small side for the size of your room, consider layering it atop a larger natural fiber rug to get more bang for your buck. If you have a carpeted bedroom, use the funds to have it professionally steam-cleaned — a good cleaning can make wall-to-wall carpeting look new again.

If your budget is about $3,500: Bedding, pillows, curtains, paint, lighting, rugs, and then shop for a new mattress.

This is likely one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make for your bedroom, and because it has such a big effect on sleep quality, it’s worth getting the best mattress you can afford.

If your budget is about $6,000: Once you’ve checked the new mattress off your list, it’s time to assess your bedroom furniture. Do you need a new bed frame, dresser or nightstands? Whether you have your heart set on beautiful antiques, a cool mix of midcentury finds or a new matching set, be sure to take your time shopping to get just what you want.

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If your budget is about $10,000: If you have more room in the budget, have fun adding some extras — like a statement light fixture, a seating area and plants. Or turn your attention to the master closet and spring for a new organizing system that will make getting dressed easier.

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