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The bathroom has long been a retreat of choice for relaxation, but some are going a step further, ending fights over the remote by installing a TV above the tub, near the vanity or even in the shower.

Choose your view

Some people experience the television as an amenity of comfort and luxury, while others fear the encroachment of the screen into daily life. This bathroom has an answer for both points of view, with the option of sitting back and taking in a favorite show or relaxing and gazing at the Toronto skyline.

The Case for a TV in the Bathroom
Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer, original photo on Houzz

Another perspective

If you don’t have much of a window view, a television might be a plus in the bath. This room’s raised platform and curved ceiling creates a comforting cocoon-like atmosphere for bathers to take in a movie.

The Case for a TV in the Bathroom
Origin – Bifolding Doors, Windows & Blinds, original photo on Houzz

Natural blend

Though one would hardly think of a television in a bathroom as a way to connect to nature, blending it into your decor can make it less jarring. This TV’s white frame and tree stencil above makes it less obtrusive and more connected to the woodsy views out the window.

The Case for a TV in the Bathroom
DSI Luxury Technology, original photo on Houzz

Chance of showers

With the proliferation of cell phones that can be submerged, it shouldn’t be surprising that TV manufacturers have followed suit with waterproof TVs. This bathroom, with its TV in the shower, takes morning multitasking beyond choosing an outfit while brushing your teeth. Now, you can get briefed on the morning’s breaking news while shampooing your hair.

The Case for a TV in the Bathroom
TG-Studio, original photo on Houzz

Low-profile approach

With television screens getting thinner every year, the device can often be mounted flush with the wall to minimize its protrusion. An animated screen-saver featuring a bucolic nature scene, along with lighted candles, can help set a relaxing mood even in the middle of a noisy city.

The Case for a TV in the Bathroom
Mary DeWalt Design Group, original photo on Houzz

Four-star experience

Many high-end hotels now feature televisions in the bathroom, so why not re-create the experience at home? The TV here is simply one more amenity, like the coffee bar and gas fireplace, that provides comfort to a hard-working homeowner wanting to unwind at night.

The Case for a TV in the Bathroom
LEICHT New York, original photo on Houzz

Sleek and subtle

This modern New York City bathroom includes a sleek mint green bathtub, a custom double vanity made out of concrete and a mounted television that blends flawlessly into the space. By adding a frame around the TV and a floating shelf underneath constructed from the same material, this television might be mistaken for a piece of art.

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