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A good lighting design combines ceiling lights with lamps to create a layered look that has depth and atmosphere. This is particularly important in a living room, where you want to evoke a calm feeling with soft mood lighting. When you’re renovating your space, it’s a good idea to consider wall lights. They cast light around the walls and free up surfaces in the room. We picked out some of our favorite ideas for using wall lights in the living room to give you inspiration for your own home.

Foreign Bear Studio, original photo on Houzz

Go solo

In this boho-style living room, the designers opted for a single industrial-style wall light centered over the sofa to illuminate the seating area. The picture below helps keep the light from feeling lost on the large blue wall.

There are a lot of earthy tones and natural surfaces in this room, so the choice of an angled wall light in black and burnished gold provides a cool contrast. The sharp lines of the light add an industrial edge to the laid-back space.

Amberth, original photo on Houzz

Embrace a simple vintage look

The owners of this eclectic living room carried the midcentury style of the furniture to the retro-look wall lights. A molded polycarbonate shade is a classic design that looks great in the room.

There’s a lot going on in this space, so the simple design and choice of white work well. The sconces are stylish but don’t fight against the other bright elements in the room.

Lisette Voute Designs, original photo on Houzz

Elevate your room with elegance

These wall lights are the perfect fit for the traditional living room. The metallic finish lends an aura of opulence, but the simple, elegant shape keeps the look understated.

The designers used symmetry to continue the soothing vibe of the space, with wall lights on both sides of the central fireplace and mirror.

Sigmar, original photo on Houzz

Try a dynamic duo

No space for two wall lights? Opt for one lamp that has multiple light sources instead. This rotating, two-armed wall lamp is very practical in this space, where only one alcove is available. The arms can be angled wherever they’re needed to direct light around the room. It’s not just functional, of course — a light like this is unusual enough to make a stunning design statement in the room.

Midcentury Living Room, original photo on Houzz

Make it minimal

If you’re aiming for a pared-back space, you’ll probably want to keep furnishings to a minimum. The elegant gray sofa here looks lovely on its own without a side table cluttering up the area next to it. So when you don’t want to include surfaces for table lamps, a wall light is the ideal solution.

This one has a cord to plug into an outlet, making it stylish and practical. The gold shade and arm add a shiny accent to the neutral space while keeping the whole area streamlined and simple.

2LG Studio, original photo on Houzz

Flank a piece of art

If your living room contains a special artwork, why not enhance it with sconces? The clever designers of this space managed to find lighting that perfectly matches the painting. The gold discs, each with an exposed bulb in the middle, resemble the metallic bubbles on the artwork. The wall lights highlight the canvas on both sides but are subtle enough to let the painting take center stage.


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